Jürgen Klopp thinks Liverpool have deservedly won. The cold-blooded Liverpool left Leipzig with almost no chance.

In the 1/8 final of the UEFA Champions League, Liverpool defeated German Leipzig 2: 0 with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane’s goals and made a loud statement to play in the next stage. After 3 losses in a row in the Premier League for Liverpool, this victory was very important and the head coach of the “Reds”, Jurgen Klopp, was delighted with the game.

“It was a game we wanted and needed. Leipzig can be a real monster, as the Bundesliga shows, but we very well controlled the game. The opponent had moments, but I think we deserved it. It was really difficult to defend ourselves during our second goal. At the moment he needed luck but was not lucky because Sadio was there and gained the advantage.

It was a challenging game overall. We can’t build a giant mentality in one game, but we played really well. This was only the first match. I know a lot of people were expecting us to fall again, but this evening the guys did a wonderful job, and I am happy for them. We have been really good for two years, and we have some problems this year. This fact shows that people are still expecting something special from us. “The boys showed today what they can do,” Klopp said.

Recall that Liverpool will host Leipz in the return match on March 11. It is noteworthy that since Klopp led Liverpool to play in the Champions League for the first time (in September 2017), they have managed to keep the door dry most of the time (18 times).