The Argentine legend, Maradona has praised his compatriot Messi and the Portuguese superstar Ronaldo as the two of the best footballers of all time.

Diego Maradona is widely considered one of the game’s greatest ever players. This after he had a illustrious career that included trophy-laden spells at Barcelona and Napoli. And perhaps, the most famous, a starring role in the Argentina’s 1986 World Cup triumph in Mexico.

Few have come closer to matching the Argentine’s achievements though Messi and Ronaldo have a table at the conversation.

Arguably, the duo are the two greatest of the modern era. They have scored with alarming consistency and have won more 60 honors between them with the League titles in England, Spain, Italy and the nine Champions League triumphs included.

It is therefore a little surprise that Maradona chose Messi and Ronaldo when asked to pick his favorite players from the current generation.

He said, “Messi and Cristiano, Cristiano and Messi. For me, these two are a cut above the other. I don’t see anyone approaching them. Not a single person will achieve half of what they do”.

Reflecting on his playing career ahead of his 60th birthday, Maradona could not resist having another cheeky dig at England when asked what his dream gift would be on the big day.

He answered, “I dream of being able to score another goal against the English with the right hand this time.