Lionel Messi has not talked about the future yet. According to Marca, the Argentine is waiting for a new president.

Lionel Messi does not like the rumors about him moving to Paris Saint-Germain. The Spanish edition ‘Marca’ writes about it. The article reads that the Argentine superstar, whose contract with Barcelona ends at the end of the season, will think about his future only at the end of the season and not before.

According to “Marca”, Messi has not talked to anyone about his future plans yet. The leader and captain of the Catalan Grand is ​​very tired of the fact that a lot of information is being spread about him – including various publications linking his future most often with PSG and Manchester City. The fact is that during the coronary crisis, only these two grands can pay a salary suitable for Messi. It has recently been reported that the Argentine has started learning French with his family. Parisians do not hide that they dream of getting Messi.

“Marca” writes that the Argentine is now concentrating only on the Barcelona Games, the Spanish Championship. Also the Champions League, in the eighth final of which Barcelona will have to face the Paris Grand.

It seems that before he starts thinking about the future, Messi is waiting for the election of a new president for Barça. Leo will talk about his future plans with the new chef. According to Marca, the financial aspect is not crucial for Messi.