Marcelo Vieira recently recorded a very interesting interview.

“I feel very good in Madrid. I don’t want to leave Real Madrid, and I don’t think they will let me go. My family is happy, and I plan to win many more titles. ”

There have been many rumors about Juventus. As soon as Cristiano became Turinian, my pictures appeared on the Internet, where I was dressed in the T-shirt of an “Old Lady.” Of course, I have not negotiated with the Italian side. ”

“When Zidane took over the team, we were in a very difficult situation. We played unconvincing and useless football in all the tournaments. The French came and introduced the greatest diligence, humility, and mutual understanding. Zidane’s arrival as a coach was followed by great authority. Everyone highly respected

him. ”

“I’m not planning to give up football yet. As I told you, I want to win many more titles with Real. ”

“I want to win another Champions League trophy with the Royal Club. Also, I dream of winning the Champions League with the Brazilian team.”

“I do not see myself as a coach as I don’t think I have the qualities that a team tutor needs. I want to discover a lot of talent in Brazil. When I was 15, I had several teammates who did not appear on the world stage, but they had great talent. What’s wrong with that? It’s just that football agents just wanted to make money and not think about the progress of young people. ”


Marcelo also said a few words about his teammates:


“Sergio Ramos is a great figure. When I met the Spaniard, we were both very young, but he had the qualities of a leader, and no one doubted that sooner or later Ramos would become the club’s captain. ”

“Hazard is a very high-class player. He also moves quickly. He knows how to own the ball, to hit the goal, and to deceive the opponent. Unfortunately, the Belgian had a lot of injuries, but he will come back soon, and I have no doubt that he will create a new history in the ranks of the “Merengues.”

“Rodrygo Goes and Vinicius are children. Yes, I came to Real Madrid at that age, and I thought I knew a lot. But from today’s point of view, I can say that I didn’t know anything and years brought the experience to me. “