There is surprising news about Marcelo. He may miss the game against Chelsea in London.

Marcelo is a resident of Spain

As you may know, Marcelo became a resident of Spain back in 2011. There is a very interesting system in Spanish elections. There will be local elections in Spain on 4th May, 2021. There is an automatic system implemented in Spain when the system takes a person’s name who will be ‘monitoring’ elections. So, unfortunately to the Real Madrid coaching staff, Marcelo was elected as the ‘monitor’ person for the local elections. He has to stay in Madrid and monitor elections in Madrid on May 4. 


Zidane’s team has a plan

We mentioned above that Marcelo has to be in Madrid the day before the clash against Chelsea. He will be in Madrid until the end of the day. Marcelo decided to take a private plan from Madrid to London on Tuesday night. It’s important for Marcelo to be in London with the team because Real Madrid has serious issues in the defensive line. At the same time, Marcelo has better chances for the attacking line. He is very creative when it comes to attacking and scoring goals. Zidane may use him for a different perspective. 


Problems in the defensive line

Ferland Mendy is still injured and can’t play against Chelsea. As of now, Real Madrid has not confirmed anything about Mendy. French defender and Valverde are not available for the clash against London Chelsea. Keep in mind that Mendy and Carvajal won’t be available against Chelsea and that’s why Zidane wants to keep Marcelo in the squad. Marcelo has to obey the law of Spain otherwise it will end with bad consequences for him. That’s why Real Madrid left full-back has to stay on track and go with the private plane to play against Chelsea.