According to the latest rumors, Marcelo Vieira wants to leave Real Madrid and join Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus. If Marcelo leaves Blancos next summer, there will be a need for a left-back at the royal club. In this case, Zizu will have to choose between Sergio Reguilon and David Alaba.

Reguilon is protecting the dignity of Sevilla and can stay in Andalusia until 2021. But as for Alaba, the situation is different.

The Austrian defender has denied Bayern a new contract. Also, the club have been forced to transfer after a one-year contract expires and will receive free agent status.

Although Alaba is 27 years old and turns 28 on June 24, he has an unparalleled experience. He has been able to take part in crucial contests and prove himself to be one of the best offensive linemen in the front line capable of playing and being a universal player.

As for Reguilon, he is much smaller than Alaba though he lacks half of David’s experience.

The choice between the two players will be quite difficult. Though, it can be said with certainty that they will both make a claim to the starting lineup if they join the club.


Another dilemma – in the case of Kane’s transfer, Jovic will leave Real


If Real Madrid adds Harry Kane, there will be a big competition between Karim Benzema and him. According to the Spanish edition, if the English player is added to the ranks of Los Blancos, the departure of Luka Jovic will be 100%. That’s because the Serbian player will no longer have the chance to join the squad.

Similar is the case with Mariano Diaz. Though, the difference here is that Mariano’s departure from Blancos is inevitable and has nothing to do with Kane’s transfer.