Marco Rose gave a very honest interview. He talked about the latest games and upcoming rounds in the Bundesliga.

Progress of the captain

Journalists asked him about the progress of Lars Stindl. He said that the captain of the team is trying best to come back. Keep in mind that the captain of the Gladbach has a problem with the muscle. The muscle strain was so serious that he missed a few games. The most important game was against Frankfurt and he could not play in the game. Marco Rose said that due to absence of Stindl, the team changed the formation. Gladbach played differently against Frankfurt and they won although the absence of the captain


Four goals against Frankfurt

Rose said that the team did everything perfectly on the field. The coach said that he gave a very interesting task to the defensive line. Their main target was connecting dots between defensive line and midfield. And the defenders of Gladbach were doing all good, moving the ball fast and connecting it between different lines. Marco Rose admitted that strikers were working on the conversion of the shots into the goals. That’s why Gladbach’s conversion rate increased a lot. The conversion rate of shots into the goals was 100% against Frankfurt. Gladbach had four shots on target and scored four goals which is a perfect option for the team.


Leaving Gladbach

Marco Rose said that leaving Gladbach is very hard. Although the team got news about the departure of the coach a few months ago. As you may know, Gladbach will leave the club in summer. In June, Marco Rose will be a new coach of Dortmund Borussia. He will join the main rival team of Gladbach and it was not welcomed by the fans of the current club. The fans also accepted but they were not happy at all. Marco Rose said that everyone has to accept the situation and respect the decision of the coach. He noted that results were not acceptable in this season but the team has improved after a big drop during the winter period.