Monchengladbach won the game against Werder Bremen. Teams played the match yesterday night and Borussia could score the winner’s goal in the second half. After the match, the squad and coach of Monchengladbach were happy.

Only goal in second half

Marco Rose decided to play with one striker ahead. Plea was the main striker and there were three attacking midfielders trying to help him. Embolo had an issue before the game, so Marco has not included him in the squad. Stindl empowered the attacking options for Borussia. IN second half, Stinld created many chances and one of those moments were decisive for Borussia. Team scored a goal in the second half and took deserved three points. Monchengladbach is very close to the Europa League zone in the Bundesliga table. Currently the team is in the seventh position.

Marco Rose was satisfied after the game

The head of Monchengladbach could not hide the happiness after the game. He said that Werder Bremen is a very tough opponent. In the first half, Werder was really good in the defensive line. He said that Borussia players could not find the key moment to win against the defense line of Werder in the first half. Marco said that he reminded the player during the break that patience is needed. The goal was very good and after that team re-gained confidence. At the same time, Rose noted that they were lucky for three points because in the last few minutes of the match Werder had few real chances to equalize the game.