Gladbach head coach will leave the coaching job of Gladbach. He will sign with Dortmund Borussia in the summer.

Few words from board member of Gladbach

Max Eberl met with the media on Tuesday morning. He started a press-conference with a few words about Marco Rose. Max said that Marco is leaving at the end of the season. The contract is expiring in the June of 2022. Unfortunately to Gladbach fans, Marco asked management to use a clause in the contract. That’s what will happen with Marco in summer of 2021. He will be a free agent right away in the June and he cna sign for any club. Max noted that they already have a connection with Dortmund. Marco rose will sign for Dortmund Borussia.


Coaching Dortmund Borussia

Marco Rose is one of the best coaches in Germany. He is still very young and has many things to learn but Gladbach is playing really good football. Gladbach even won the match against Real Madrid in Autumn, 2020. Real Madrid could turn the table around otherwise Gladbach could be the first team in the Champions League group stage. Marco Rose admitted that he will try best until the very end of the season. He is ready to take Gladbach to the Champions League stage again, so the next coach will get a better legacy from Marco Rose. 

Max Weber said that Gladbach will continue showing their best in Champions League, Bundesliga and Pokal. Keep in mind that Marco’s team advanced to the next round of Pokal. They won an away game against Stuttgart and now it’s time for the Champions League. Team has to face Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. It will be a tough tie for Gladbach and Marco is ready to present some surprise to Pep’s team. Gladbach will play first-leg against Man.City on 24th February.