Gladbach had a big chance to outperform primary opponents in the Bundesliga table. Marco Rose’s team could not take three points at home-stadium.

The strategy from Marco Rose

As you may know, Marco is leaving Gladbach at the end of the season. He is the leading coach of Gladbach for a few years already. Rose made significant changes, and now Gladbach is in ⅛ final of the Champions League. The team played excellent football last season, so they deserved a Champions League spot. Currently, Gladbach is not in a good position in the Bundesliga. The team also lost the first position in the CL group stage to Real Madrid. One defeat in Madrid was enough for Gladbach to lose the first position. Marco will coach Dortmund Borussia (main rival) from next season. 

It was terrible news for Gladbach, but players expressed their opinion in a very professional manner. Marco decided to play with the same strategy. Stindl and Plea were the main strikers. The captain of the team was moving in the box of the Mainz. His movements were fast, and the target was confusing the opponent’s defence line.


Conceding goal at the end of the match

The first half was suitable for both teams. First of all, Mainz started the match with high pressure on Gladbach’s defence. Mainz scored a goal in the first 15 minutes of the game. It seems that Main’s main priority was an early goal and having a good defensive for the rest of the match. Mainz’s striker, Onisiwo, scored a goal and led the team. Gladbach took the initiative and played more in the attacking line. By the end of the first half, Gladbach equalised the game. Stindl scored a beautiful goal and gave hope to Gladbach’s fans.

The second half was not good for Gladbach. The team tried to dominate the midfield, but they did it miserably. Marco Rose’s team decided to attack more and get three points at the end of the match. Unfortunately to the fans, Mainz used one counter-attack and scored a winner. Mainz took three points from the stadium of Gladbach.