Forward Marcus Rashford has won GQ’s campaigner of the year award for his charity work to end child food poverty in the United Kingdom and insists “we’re just at the beginning”.

The England international, Marcus Rashford has been recognized by men’s monthly magazine, GQ for his work in helping to feed vulnerable children. Rashford won the outlet’s Campaigner of the Year award and features on the front cover of the winter issue, to be released in the coming week.

Rashford, who has been honored with an MBE for his efforts, has spearheaded efforts to ensure that vulnerable children are not left to go hungry amid the coronavirus pandemic and works closely alongside charity FareShare to help those in need.

“We’re just at the beginning of it, really. We need to see how much we can keep improving things for everybody”. Said Rashford.

“Child poverty and hunger is a problem that shouldn’t exist at all and I’m just trying to bring as many people on board as possible so we can get better and better at dealing with it”.

“Nobody should be ashamed. Everyone’s situations are different, upbringings are different, communities are different”.

“Of course it would be much better if poverty didn’t exist, but it does, and nobody should be ashamed of their situation”.

“Kids should have the best chance possible from the day they’re born, that’s why this is one of the big things I want to work on, you know?”