Speaking to the media, Massimo Cellino, president of the football club Brescia, confirmed that Mario Balotelli would leave Brescia at the end of the season.

“He is a strange boy. He no longer thinks or cares about us. I am not surprised by his desire to leave. If we fall into Serie B, his contract will be automatically canceled, and he will likely be released as a free agent. We really believed that he would help us on the pitch, ”he said.

Let us remind you that “Super Mario” has a Galatasaray option. The leaders of the mentioned club have already contacted Mino Raiola and agreed on the transfer details.

It is possible to see Mario in a Vasco and Gama T-shirt. The Brazilians are announcing an unusual mega transfer, but the player himself will make the decision.

After 26 rounds, Balotelli’s current club finished 20th with 16 points, 9 points behind 17th-placed Genoa.


Balotelli refused Juventus


Mario Balotelli had the opportunity to move to Juventus. But the player chose Milan.

Mario Balotelli’s career continued in Manchester City after he left Inter. According to the Italian, when he left the Premier League, he also had an offer from Turin’s Juventus.

Balotelli says he is a Milan fan and has always wanted to adjust to the Rossoneri shirt, so he chose the Milan team and turned down an offer from the Old Lady.

FOOTBALL-ITALIA published Mario Balotelli’s statement.

“When I decided to leave Manchester City, almost everything was agreed with Juventus. I agreed to move to Turin. But then I found out that Milan were interested in me.

Adriano Galliani got involved in the case and tried to convince me that I had moved to Milan. As you know, I am a fan of this club, and I believed in my heart. As a result, I found myself in Milan and turned down Juventus.

To be honest, I also love Inter. Strange as it may seem, this is true. Juventus would be a practical choice, but in the end, I still chose Milan, “said Mario Balotelli.

As you know, currently, 29-year-old Balotelli is defending the dignity of Brescia. But most likely he will replace the club soon. It turns out that Galatasaray wants to add a player.