Former PSG performance director Alexandre Marles insists that Neymar Jr. is ready after featuring in the 4-2 win against Lyon.

Neymar Jr

PSG thrashed Olympique Lyonnais 4-2 to climb level with Lille. Neymar returned in the Parisians 4-2 win over Lyon and the veteran administrator believes he is ready. PSG has sidelined Neymar since February and having him back will be a boost for Mario Pochettino.

Neymar’s return will do good for the Parisian club set to face Lille when the Ligue 1 on resumes on 3rd April. Marles believes he will be ready and he only needs one or a couple of weeks to gain confidence.

“If he hadn’t been in the group against Lyon, we could have said: yes, there are still 15 days to bring him back physically well. So that he regains confidence in everything he does,” Marles said.

“There, by letting him in (against Lyon), it means that he’s ready,” he added.

Marles believes that the International break is not helping Neymar because he insists the player needs match practice.

“From the moment they decided to bring him in. It was because they felt (Neymar) was ready, already operational, and just lacking playing time.

“So, the international break does not bring him much in terms of preparation,” he said.

“Nothing” would be a slight overstatement as the Brazilian International will have two weeks of rest and recovery, a boon, particularly in this pandemic-affected schedule.

“Moreover, he will get to study his UCL opponents and put in extra training shifts under newly-appointed coach Mauricio Pochettino. Something Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller and Jerome Boateng could also be doing with Coach Hansi Flick at Säbener Straße.

“The Parisian staff may have wanted to rush things by saying: we will play 20 minutes against Lyon. A half-time or 60 minutes against Lille and like that, he can start against Bayern,” Marles remarked.

PSG will face the Germany side Bayer Munich and the veteran administrator believes Neymar will be ready. He insists Neymar return a perfect timing for the capital club although, they have been fairing well without the Brazilian.