Mason Greenwood, who ended a 15-game goal scoring drought and silenced his critics in the process, didn’t come as a surprise to Dwight McNeil, with the Burnley winger a big fan of the teenage striker who once worked with him at Man Utd.

Mason Greenwood is a very good player

The 21-year-old Clarets winger spent time at the academy system at Old Trafford before heading to Turf Moor in 2014, which allowed him to team up with some hot prospects. Greenwood appeared through the ranks at this stage, as his progress was accelerated by United, and he re-opened the spark in the senior stage at the end after two months earlier without finding a target.

Dwight McNeil, who is set to reunite with Greenwood when Burnley faces United on Sunday, never doubted his former colleague would come along well, telling the top-rated striker, who boasts three goals in his last five appearances, that Mason Greenwood has always been very good. a player and that he was younger than him, but played with them in their age group. He was always good with both legs and you could tell Mason at a young age that he would do it. He also said that he knows him personally and he is a good person and it is great that they both achieved their dream of playing the Premier League and obviously Greenwood is doing so well at United and he is happy for him.


Mason Greenwood handled himself well

Mason found himself on a steep learning curve at Old Trafford, with criticism inevitable after any drop in high standards and expectations. He has handled himself well and is currently hushed up by detractors and is expected to be a key person for the club and country in the years to come. Dwight McNeil is looking to follow a similar path, recently hitting 100 appearances for Burnley, and believes the severing ties with United has worked in his favor.