Bundesliga’s legendary player, Lothar Matthäus gave a very honest interview for this season. He praised a few players and asked to look after them because they will embrace the success until the end of the season.

40 goals record of Gerd Muller

As you may know, Gerd Muller scored 40 goals 49 years ago. Legendary striker scored 40 goals and it was a record-making season for the German player. Robert Lewandowski is on the same route. Lothar noted that Robert is a perfect player and he can break any records. The biggest unbroken record is about scoring past 40 – it’s the threshold made by Gerd Muller in the legendary season (1971-72). 

Lothar believes that Lewandowski has a perfect team around. The squad of Bayern Munich has a winning mentality and they will do everything to help Robert Lewandowski. Robert is already on the route as mentioned above. After 18 rounds of Bundesliga, Robert Lewandowski scored 23 goals. He can reach the 40 goals threshold and break the record but has to keep up with the same pace. Robert Lewandowski scored a goal yesterday against Schalke. Bayern scored four goals and only one was from Bayern’s striker.

Matthaus named one youngster that has big future

When talking about the biggest youngster in the eyes of Matthaus, he was named Wirtz. 17 years old midfielder is indeed the favorite youngster of Lothar. The legendary Bundesliga said that Wirtz has a big future ahead. Just like Kai Hawerz, he will join a bigger team in Europe soon.