Matthijs de Ligt, a young Juventus defender, took advantage of a hiatus caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and talked about his Turin career on the YouTube channel.

The 20-year-old Dutch national team player, who is spending his first season in Serie A, joked about the first impressions of the club, the period of adaptation, and the ball in his hand.

Matthijs de Ligt moved from Juventus to Ajax in the summer of 2019 for 85.5 million euros. The player played in 27 matches for “Bianconeri” in the 2019/20 season and scored 2 goals.


‘I have a magnet in my hand.’


At Juventus I was told: ‘You are young, but the reason we want to hire you is that you are already an established player and you know how to handle the pressure.’

I was also warned that a 19-year-old boy would find it difficult to live in a foreign country. But at the same time, I was assured that I would quickly establish a place in the team.

Naturally, when I first entered the dressing room of Juventus, I felt like a baby in a candy store. I was looking here and there – Buffon is sitting here, Ronaldo is sitting there! A few months later, I became more and more courageous.

From the very first games, they watched me with amazement. In the second match with the Juve T-shirt, I scored on my net. It is clear that the pressure has increased. Everything was in order during the training, but I had to get used to the new style during the match. At first, I had a hard time, but over time I played better and better.

I remember once the guys in the shower told me that playing with my hand regularly was unbelievable. It’s as if I have a magnet in my hand.

The best example of how unlucky I am is the penalty I received in the match against Germany. The ball was running, I looked up, and suddenly I saw how it felt on my hand. I know I’ve made a mistake or played with my hand, and it doesn’t hurt when they talk about it. I like to joke about it. ”