Lately, there were many rumors around De Ligt’s transfer to Juventus. Most people have criticized the Old Lady for this purchase in summer as far as De Ligt seems to have some issues about getting on the team. But he recently said that he is glad that he chose Juve.

Juventus defender Matthijs De Ligt spoke to journalists about interesting topics:

“I think I had a bad start, but now everything is much better. Since November, I feel right unless we consider a minor shoulder injury.

The coach trusts me, and it makes me very happy. While I was in Lazarus, I was very nervous, but Sari came and said to me, “I need the best team, fight for it.”

Those words have doubled my strength, and I think I have looked better at this point than at the beginning of the season.

Naturally, I didn’t know Italian, and that caused some discomfort. At first, I only spoke English, and Chelini helped me a lot during that time. Everybody in the team spoke Italian, but I took language courses with my girlfriend.

Barça? I chose Juve because I wanted to develop. Also, the main reason for this decision were Chelini and Bonucci. They are top-level players. Both are masters of their work. I have really learnt a lot from them and am still learning.

In Italy, more attention is paid to defense, which is the difference compared to the Netherlands. Champions League? We will do our best to go to the next stage, ” said the Dutchman.


A very decent statement by De Ligt


Juventus defender Matthijs de Ligt made an interesting comment about the team:

“Juve’s training level is much higher than that of many teams. You have to play against Ronaldo and DiBala, and that gives you a great experience.

When I analyze this situation, I realize that I do not regret my decision for a second.” – said the Dutchman.