Mauricio Pochettino said that Lionel Messi can give another breath to PSG. As you may know PSG was in the final of CL but could not win the title.

Coaching Lionel Messi

Mauricio Pochettino said that he would love to coach Lionel Messi. The idea of coaching Messi is very charming. Mauricio was very open and noted that he dreamed about coaching players like Messi. The coach of PSG said that the team has to improve. According to the coach, Lionel Messi can be the only improvement to the team next season. He also added that not signing Lionel Messi won’t be a problem, because he is currently satisfied with the squad. 

Pochettino said that just like him, Lionel Messi has deep connection with Newell’s Old Boys. He noted that love for Newell could lead to serious relations with Messi. At the end, he added that the future is really interesting for PSG and the project itself.

Lionel Messi will likely to sign for PGS next season

The Argentinian player is ready to play for PSG. Rumors suggest that Messi already decided to leave Barcelona. He was ready to leave the team back in 2020. In the summer, he gave a very honest interview. He said that everything was almost over and he wanted to leave. Messi said that he has to stay one more season because Barca is in a very bad financial situation.

Latest rumors suggest that Messi is still waiting for the salary. Barcelona has to pay 63 million Euros to him for the rest of the season. It’s believed that Barca has a very bad situation in finances, so they can’t find enough money to pay Messi. Marca wrote yesterday that Messi may take a case to a court of Catalonia. PSG is ready to pay a small fee to Barcelona and give a 50+ million Euros salary to Messi.