Sarri was sent off from Turin for failing in the Champions League. Fiorentina are considering a new coach due to poor results.

Although Maurizio Sarri won the Serie A title last season for Juventus in a tense battle with Lazio and Inter, the specialist was still fired from the position of head coach.

The reason for this was the unsuccessful performance in the Champions League. The Turin team left the most prestigious club tournament in Europe after a two-match duel with Lyon in the quarter-finals.

According to the recent reports, Fiorentina want to appoint Maurizio as a new head coach of the club. As you know, the Florence club started the new season badly. After the first three rounds, they have 1 win and 2 losses.

After a poor start, the pressure is mounting on current team captain Giuseppe Iachini. Although it is not even a year that he coaches Fiorentina, the fans of the team are dissatisfied with his work.

The leaders of Fiorentina believe that Sarri has a lot of experience and will bring good results to the team. According to the Florentines, Maurizio, who worked in Napoli, Chelsea, and Juventus, also had success and has a lot of experience.