A crucial meeting at Inter will take place on Tuesday, and there is a great chance that Conte will leave. Max Allegri will be considered as a spare option for Inter and PSG.

According to the Italian press, the option of appointing Max Allegri is being considered by two clubs at the same time. The favorite is Inter Milan.

After losing the final in the Europa League, Antonio Conte once again attacked and criticized the leadership of Inter. A crucial meeting between Conte and the team directors is scheduled for Tuesday. This meeting will be attended by Conte, club president Steven Zheng, directors: Marotta and Ausilio, and club manager Lele Orial.

Conte has a conflict with Asulio, and the management complains that too much information is leaked from the club to the press. Consequently, it is expected that Conte or Ausilio will leave the club. According to the Italian press, there is a better chance that Conte will terminate the contract, and Max Allegri will be appointed in his place.

Conte is likely to be followed by Lele Oriali, who is considered a member and teammate of his team. Allegri has a very good relationship with Marotta since Juventus.

The second option is Paris Saint-Germain. In the event of Tuchel leaving for Paris, Allegri’s candidacy has long been considered. The lost final of the Champions League cannot be considered a bad result. Consequently, Tuchel will most likely stay in Paris; however, if they are still considering changing coach in Paris this week, Max Allegri is the top priority.