Real Madrid players have injuries, and most of them can’t play in September. Today we will break down the scenario that is possible under Zidane’s current squad.

James is back and needs a place in the starting line up

Who could imagine that “golden boy” would be back in Real Madrid? After James departure to Bayern two years ago, everyone thought he would never come back in Real Madrid. In June, James was close to Napoli, and then Atletico offered money.

Both teams, Napoli and Atletico, tried to sign James but Zidane was patient with that transfer. Zidane changed fitness coach, and most of the players got injured. Having so many injured players was the turning point for Zidane. Keep in mind that Asensio can’t help Real Madrid for the whole season, so James has a chance.

Zidane could not sign Pogba and decided to stay with James. As the experts believe, Colombian player changed his mind. According to insider rumors, James is training harder than anyone could imagine. The golden boy wants to stay in Madrid and prove that he is worth.

Variations with James and Isco

James Rodriguez could be a golden decision for this season. Colombian gives Zidane a chance to play with different strategies. For example, Zidane can play with James and Hazard duo in the attack. Both players can play on wings, Hazard on the left, and James on the right-side.

James could be a choice for the playmaker position. Colombian is a perfect match for “number ten” position, so he is an ideal playmaker. Unfortunately, fewer teams are playing with playmaker in the center, so after Modric return, James can be visible only on the wing.

Rodrygo and Vinicius

Brazilian youngsters could be game-changing for Zidane’s team. On Saturday, we saw that Rodrygo was in the squad for Levante, so Zidane is trusting Rodrygo as a backup player.

French coach can make lots of variations and give a rest to Hazard and Vazquez. On those positions, Rodrygo and Vinicius could be deadly for any opponent.

Against Levante, Vazquez played with Vinicius. So, Zidane gave a rest to Hazard and tested Vinicius/Vazquez duo on attacking wings. Vinicius had a wild evening as he could have scored two or more goals. One goal was called off because offside and rest is history.

Zidane has lots of decisive players under management. Frenchman trusts the whole squad and can give a chance to everyone.