All twenty Premier League clubs have confirmed that they definitely want to end the season. This happened at another online meeting on Friday. However, another conference of English clubs did not lead to any other concrete results.

“The clubs will resume training only with the consent of the government, based on relevant medical findings and advice. This will only happen after agreement with the players and managers,” – reports the official statement of the Premier League.

One of the biggest challenges in renewing the season is regular testing of players and all employees on Coronavirus. According to the Guardian, some Premier League clubs have already bought the equipment, which will give the answer on Covid-19 in two and a half hours.

Recall that France, one of the leading football countries in Europe, has already decided to cancel the season. It happened on Thursday, and Paris Saint-Germain was declared the champion of France.

Discussions and observations on the situation continue in Germany, Spain, and England. It is known that the decision regarding the Bundesliga should be announced on May 6. The German Football League is ready to continue the season and is just waiting for the verdict of the government and doctors.


Transmission with special effects – empty stands in England will not be a problem.


British TV channel Sky Sports may use computer special effects when broadcasting English Championship matches.

As it turns out, if the Premier League season is renewed in indoor stadiums, the TV channel will consider the possibility of using computer graphics to make the image better perceived by the fans during the broadcast.

The TV channel suggests that the viewers perceive the view of the empty stands as well as the absence of noise in the stadium negatively. This will negatively affect the number of matches. So, to prevent this from happening, Sky Sports may use computer graphics to make the stadiums more visually appealing.