Farlan Mendy’s agent Yvan Le Mee spoke about Kylian Mbappe. It is noteworthy that Mendy’s agent is a person close to “Real.”

“The transfer of Kylian to Real Madrid was quite real. But trust me, the restrictions imposed by Coronavis have caused great economic damage to the clubs.”

Real now cannot pay astronomical sums for the French player, and the prices of players will be significantly reduced. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.”

“Mbappe will move to Real Madrid in 2021, after the European Championship. I’m sure of that. Kylian will meet the World Cup as a Real Madrid player, and he will have a lot of experience.”

Noteworthy that there is not much competition in the front line of “Blancos” now. The only experienced player is Karim Benzema, who has been in the ranks of the Merengues for the last few years, he is already old, and sooner or later he will say goodbye to Madrid. ”

“The ideal option for Mbape is Real.” He has been a fan of the Madrid team since childhood, and working with Zidane has become a dream for him.


French politician: Mbappe will cost 35 million – players will not play worse due to low salaries


French politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit has expressed his views on how the financial crisis caused by Coronavirus will affect football.

“Tomorrow, Mbappe, at best, will cost not 200 million euros, but 35-40 million, and who will be able to buy him?”

We come to the actual regulation of football. Moreover, it will be necessary to impose a “pay cut” in the future. This reorganization will affect not only the players’ expenses but also their image rights. We need to destroy the system of managers who are engaged in this business.

A little more sober attitude, a bit more equality – that would be a good start. “Because of the low salaries, the players will not play worse,” Cohn-Bendit told Ouest France.