Messi changed the strategy. Last Tuesday, the leader of the Catalan Barcelona asked Barca to use his contract clause, which allows him to leave the club for free at the end of any season.

Last Tuesday, the Argentine footballer sent a fax to the team, asking to use his contract clause, which allows him to leave Barca for free at the end of any season. However, the management responded that he could use this opportunity until June 10. So, now, anyone interested in him will have to pay € 700 million, or ransom.

However, according to Marca, currently, Messi has changed his strategy and asks the leadership of “Barcelona” for a meeting at which his peaceful departure will be agreed.

However, this leadership remains firm and gives Messi a categorical answer: “We will talk about the meeting or the extension of the contract, or no meeting will take place.”

One way or another, the parties are very far from the agreement. So, on Sunday, the player will have to announce himself at the disposal of the club. He will first be tested at Covid19 and then have to resume training.


Messi hopes for the help of lawyers.


Lionel Messi is going to meet with the club management with the lawyers.

According to Ole, the Argentine wants to leave the team without any conflicts and court interference. However, the club’s position is unchanged. The agreement stipulates a ransom of 700 million euros, which must be paid by anyone interested.

Leo hopes the lawyers will help, and he will be able to use the clause that allows him to terminate his contract with Barcelona at the end of any season.

Messi will most likely want to continue his career at Manchester City. There he will be able to work with Josep Guardiola.