For many, Leo Messi is even the best player in history, but by far, not the most expensive player. At a time when football has stopped, the transfer market is paying close attention, and Transfermarkt has produced some of the world’s 10 most expensive players.

The top 10 looks like this:


  1. Antoine Griezmann (Barcelona – EUR 120 million). The Frenchman is valued at € 120m – just last summer Barça paid him so much.
  2. Jaydon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund – € 120 million). English striker of the German team is one of the most promising players of all time.
  3. Leo Messi (Barcelona – 140 million euros). Although his ransom at the club is 700 million euros, the German transfer portal estimates him at 140 million.
  4. Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City – 150 million euros). One of Manchester City’s most important players, who recently defeated Real Madrid, is seventh in the list of most expensive players.
  5. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur – € 150 million). In the last five years, Kane has become Tottenham’s leader and one of the deadliest forward, making him the sixth-most honorable man on the list.
  6. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool – 150 million euros). After some brilliant seasons at Liverpool, Salah’s transfer price has skyrocketed. But it is unclear how Liverpool’s knocking out of the Champions League will affect his value.
  7. Sadio Mane (Liverpool – 150 million euros). Another brilliant player who started playing with Jurgen Klopp in a different way.
  8. Neymar (PSG – € 160 million). Despite being in the top three, Neymar’s price dropped in 2017 after moving from Barcelona.
  9. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City – € 160 million). England’s Winger is valued similarly to Neymar. Despite City’s two-year Europa League ban, his departure from the squad is almost unthinkable.
  10. Kylian Mbappe (PSG – EUR 200 million). The golden boy of France, who has been the leader in the most expensive of all time. At 21, he has already won the World Cup, scored goals in Ligue 1, and is the main transfer target for Real Madrid.