Barcelona’s striker, Lionel Messi, addressed fans in connection with the coronavirus infection pandemic:

“We have hard days for everyone. We live, worry about what is happening, put ourselves in the place of those who are greatly affected, because it directly affects them, their family and friends or because they are working in the foreground, fighting the virus, in hospitals and medical centers. I want to give these people endurance.

Health should always come first. This is a special moment. You must follow the instructions of the health care organization and government agencies.

Now we have to be responsible and stay home. Also, it is an ideal time to spend time with loved ones, with whom we are not always able to stay.

I Hug you all. I hope we can rectify the situation as soon as possible, “Messi wrote on the social network.


Leo is going to release Gaucho from prison


In addition to coronavirus, Leo has another concern. He is likely to release Ronaldinho from jail.

As you know, the Brazilian legend of Barcelona and world football, Ronaldinho is currently in prison in Paraguay, where he is serving a sentence for attempting to cross the border with a false passport.

According to the Spanish edition AS reports, his former team-mate and Argentine mega-star Lionel Messi will bring Ronaldinho out of his predicament.

According to the source, Leo is ready to pay 4 million euros to bring Gaucho out of prison. The 6-time owner of the gold ball has already hired lawyers.

In addition, AS informs us that Lionel will pay all his debts to his older friend. Noteworthy that the total amount of Gaucho’s debts exceeds € 9 million.