Messi met with journalists on Monday. He talked about everything, including Barcelona’s playing form, scoring free-kicks, Neymar, a disappointment because of failed transfers, and Real Madrid.

Barcelona’s player is indeed very disappointed because of Neymar’s failed transfer. Messi believes that the attacking line from Suarez, Messi, and Neymar was deadly in 2015. Lionel Messi wanted to repeat the same process (winning all possible trophies) this season.

Messi thought Neymar was signing for Barcelona

Lionel Messi talked very open with journalists. He mentioned that Neymar was in close touch with him for the whole transfer window. Messi thinks that Neymar has already done a lot for PSG and was waiting for him in the summer. Unfortunately, Neymar could not sign for Barcelona, and Messi became very disappointed. Back in September, Messi criticized Barcelona officials about failed transfers and said that they could have done more. On Monday, Messi opened up about his close friendship with Neymar.

Messi criticized officials again and said that they could have done more to sign Neymar. Lionel thinks that Neymar would change everything in the club as, without Argentinian player, Barca was struggling to get three points or even score goals.

Real Madrid and Perez was a significant factor for Messi’s fears

As it seems, Messi feared Perez and his intentions. After failed transfer to Barcelona, Messi thought Perez would do anything to sign him for Real Madrid. Messi was clear and said that it would hurt him a lot because of close friendship with Brazilian. At the same time, Messi knew that Neymar did not want to stay in Paris, so it was clear that he could sign for Real Madrid. Lionel joked about his fears and also mentioned that it’s excellent that Los Blancos could not sign Brazilian winger.

Dembele and his red card against Sevilla

As you may know, Messi’s gave red card to Dembele on Sunday. Barcelona hosted Sevilla on Sunday night at Nou Camp, and Blaugrana was already leading with four goals but could not finish the game with 11 players. Firstly, the main referee gave a red card to Todibo (defender) for a nasty foul. After a few minutes, a French attacker, Dembele, got a red card because of saying something to the referee.

Messi said that Dembele struggles to say a few Spanish sentences together, so how referee could understand what he was saying? Messi intends that Mateu Lahoz’s decision was extraordinary, but he could not do anything to help a teammate.