In a recent interview with El Pais, former Colombian footballer Fabian Vargas recalled a match between Almeria and Barcelona in 2010 and the subsequent events that had a profound effect on his life. He told an amazing story about Messi’s decent behavior.

Prior to the match, Colombia had experienced devastating floods, so Fabian was given a special task:

“Before the match, several friends called me and asked me to ask Messi for his T-shirt, which we would sell at auction and help the victims of the flood with the money we received.

I took advantage of the match against Barça. So, before the match, I asked Leo that I needed his shirt for that reason. ”

Almeria lost that match 8: 0. Fabian left the field so angry that he did not even remember his task.

“I left the pitch, angry and sad because I forgot to take Messi’s T-shirt.”

Apparently, this story was not forgotten by anyone, so Vargas, who entered the dressing room, was told that someone wanted to see him.

“I went outside and saw Leo holding a small bag in his hand. He said “Look, you collected these T-shirts.” I thanked him and turned around. I thought I only got Messi’s shirt on request.

When I opened the bag, it turned out that the T-shirts of Xavi, Iniesta, Alves, Pique, and Puyol were also inside.

I will never forget this gesture. I will always want Leo to keep the records! ”Vargas recalled.