The sports director of PSG met with the representatives of Messi. The favorite in the transfer of the Barça leader is still Manchester City. Still, Di Maria and Neymar are trying to convince Leo.

Football fans are waiting for the historical transfer. Lionel Messi is determined to leave Barcelona, and there is a great chance that the Argentine will continue his career at another club next season.

The list of applicants is large. The foreign press has named Manchester City as the main candidate to add the 33-year-old, and if we believe him, the South American himself wants to continue his career with Josep Guardiola. Even though the English are the favorites, Paris Saint-Germain are still trying to assure Leo.

According to reports, Paris Saint-Germain sporting director Leonardo Messi has already met with representatives. Leonardo talked to them about their future plans and the Paris project.

In addition, according to Le Parisien, Angel Di Maria and Neymar are also involved in the negotiation. They are close friends of Messi and will try to persuade the Argentine to decide to continue his career in France. If we believe the information, the contact between Di Maria, Neymar and Messi has already taken place.