Arsenal want to release Mesut Ozil and are ready to pay the money. Nevertheless, Mesut plans to complete the contract.

A month ago it was written that Arsenal are ready to pay Mesut Ozil a certain part of the high salary even if the latter moves to another team. The Londoners decided to make such a compromise after realizing that they could not have gotten rid of Ozil in any other way. The thing is, the 31-year-old midfielder does not want to move elsewhere. He realizes that nowhere will he be given the salary he has at Arsenal.


Mesut made the first comment on the subject


“My position is clear: I will be here until the last day of the contract, and I will do my best. “I’m the only one who decides when to go, not the others,” Ozil told The Athletic.

After the restart of the season, Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta trusted Ozil very rarely. So, it became clear that he wanted to get rid of him. “Before the break and after the rest, I was in good enough shape to participate in all the matches. “I was injured only once, and it was minor,” Mesut said.

According to English media, the reason for Ozil’s absence was that Mesut was the only Arsenal player who refused to cut his salary at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. “I do not know what to say about it. I have a child at home. I have a lot of responsibilities to my family in Turkey and Germany. Anyone who knows me knows that I am noble. As far as I know, only I did not say no to the pay cut, but only my story spread. It’s probably my fault that for two years now, people have been trying to destroy me and make me miserable. “Some people want the fans to confront me and create an image of me that is not true.” Last season, Ozil played in only 18 matches – scoring one goal and two assists.