Real Madrid former player, Pedja Mijatovic, talked about Zidane’s career in Real Madrid as a manager. The former player is not happy with Zidane’s style and insists that the French coach can’t find solutions. Do you agree with him? Or can Zidane find answers on time?

PSG 3-0 Real Madrid

According to Rivaldo, Real Madrid escaped historic mauling. Every football expert lost trust and hope in Zidane’s Real Madrid. Is this the end of his career in Real Madrid? On Friday, Marca published an unbelievable statistics of Zidane’s era in Real. Zidane returned in Real Madrid in spring and announced big revolution, but nothing happened, and the statistic is even worse. After Zidane’s return, Los Merengues played 16 games and won only 7.

Guti is not happy with results

Real Madrid’s former player, Guti, is not pleased with results. Spanish midfielder posted on Twitter and said that PSG was without three main attackers and failing against a weak PSG is a bad result. Real Madrid could not shot on target whole match. Yes, Gareth Bale scored (he played with hand), and Benzema scored a goal (Vazquez was in passive offside) but none of those shots were registered. At the end of 90 minutes, Real Madrid had zero shots on target

OPTA, British sports Analytics Company, could not find data when last time Real Madrid had zero shots on target in the Champions League. OPTA collects data since 2003, and the company could not find matching data – it’s a historical shame for Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos is the main man in defense

Real Madrid lacked intensity – that’s the main reason for losing according to Zidane. What we could see was the lack of defense. Varane and Militao are both high-class players, but no one can defend and control a situation like Sergio Ramos. Spanish player is a deserved captain of the team, and without him, Real Madrid fails over and over again.

Zidane is unable to rotate players because of injuries.

Real Madrid has up to 10 players injured. Isco, Modric, Valverde, Marcelo – it’s the shortest list of injured players. All of them listed above are very important for both – starting lineup and rotation. The season is very long, especially when club plays on three different fronts.

Valverde had first training of the sason as he was out from July. Casemiro needs help as he can’t play 90 minutes fully twice every week. We have the same scenario with Marcelo, Isco, and Modric. Real Madrid can’t rely only on Kroos for every match, and he needs replacements like Modric and Isco.