Aubameyang said the titles do not determine the level of players and he do not need them for being the best forward .

“I’m a forward, so I have to defend my position – I don’t need titles to be the best forward. Sure it can help, but I have seen many impressive players who have not won the title. Despite that, we respected their playing skills. Not necessarily titles, but if you win, that’s just a plus.” – Sky Sports quotes Aubameyang.

As you know, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of the key and outstanding players in Arsenal. He is the captain of the London club. However, there was a lot to be said about his team’s departure during the winter transfer window.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has played 25 games in the Premier League this season, with 17 goals and 2 assists. Still, London’s Arsenal are only 10th in the standings with 37 points after 27 rounds.

It looks like the player wants to play in the Champions League, and Arsenal had difficulty getting into the top four. Aubameyang’s future is likely to depend on whether the London club will be included in the Champions League.


Mikel Arteta wants to maintain Aubameyang


As you may have already known, Barcelona wanted to add a 30-year-old player. The Catalans were actively negotiating, but no transfer was made. Barcelona may add Aubameyang at least in the summer of 2020, but Arsenal and their head coach Mikel Arteta also want to maintain the player.

Aubameyang’s current contract with the Gunners is set to close by the summer of 2021. Arteta is actively working to sign a new contract with the player, but Aubameyang is not yet considering a new deal.

“It’s straightforward for me. I want to keep him under any conditions. We’ll have to talk about it until the end of the season. I think it’s hard to predict,” – Arteta said.