¼ finals of Europa League finals are over and now we know the top-4 teams. Two from Premier League, one from Spain and one from Italy.

Manchester United V Roma

Ole’s team will play against Roma. It will be an interesting game because both teams want to have a good ending of the season. Keep in mind that none of those clubs have a good situation in their respective domestic leagues. Manchester United is a second team in the Premier League and fairly enough, Ole is proud of the players. The main contender of the Premier League, Manchester City, has an unimaginable season in the Premier League so no one can compete with them. Manchester United is doing well and the team is sitting in the second position. In the latest interview, Ole said that he is not disappointed by the standings of the Premier League. MU is in the second position, so it’s ok for the coach to keep improving and building a powerful team. At the same time, they have a chance to play in the Europa League final. Roma has a different situation – the team has very few chances for Italy Serie A. Even more, Juventus, which was a winner for the last few years, has very few chances of winning the domestic league. 


Arsenal V Villarreal

Mikel Arteta is back in Spain. His team will face Villarreal and they have a chance for a final. Even more, there is a chance to see English final in the Europa League. Mikel Arteta is feeling confident and wants to win this “tie” against Villarreal. Keep in mind that “yellow Submarine” is not doing well in La Liga which means that Arsenal has a better chance this time. Arteta has a plan to win the Europa League this season, so it will be an interesting journey.