Borussia Dortmund player Milos Jojic said that Jurgen Klopp is a good guy and he creates a special atmosphere in the team.

Klopp has the ability to keep players motivated

Jürgen Klopp’s ability to keep team players is 100% motivated. Even when they don’t get a lot of playing time and create a “special atmosphere” inside the team, Milos Jojic highly appreciated. Former Borussia Dortmund, Milos coached by Klopp at Westfalenstadion. For only a year but was in the lineup that raised the DFB Supercup in 2014 shortly after consolidating the transfer from the Serbian side of Partizan. The attacking midfielder took part in 20 matches that season and scored four goals in the Bundesliga. But an interview in 2015 seemed to indicate that he was unhappy with the playing time he has given under Klopp.


Milos admitted that “did not have a real conversation” with the head coach during his time under the Jurgen Klopp. “The reporter took my statement out of context so that it stumbled as if Klopp and I had never spoken to each other,” said Jojic. “At that time, but I still didn’t speak German very well, and it was quite normal for us not to speak much.” The Serb further said that he only has good memories of working with Klopp, praising the German’s skills in keeping the extreme players happy, despite the lack of minutes on the field.



Each player in the team always gives 100 percent under the Klopp’s coaching

“Jurgen is just a great guy and a pragmatic person,” Milos said.”He creates a special climate in the team in which everyone is motivated. Each player in the team always gives 100%, no matter how much playing time they have received before. I look around only with good feelings.”Jojić continued to take another three seasons in the Bundesliga. Finding more opportunities on the field after finding a move to Koln. Where he scored eight goals in the German upper echelon for 59 general appearances. The transition to Turkey followed with Basaksehir, who has recently been seeking the Super League title. But Jojic, who was once again hard to come by, feels that his parent club still has something not quite right after he rented out at Wolfsberger in Austria.

“Basaksehir is a good club, a training center, and a stadium is great,” he began. “But the club has no traditions and few fans.” We have been close to winning the league for the last few years, but always something was missing. I was a little confused, for example, in terms of discipline. I am used to other things in Germany. The nature of some people was not perfect either. “They rely on old players and big names. They like the stars, and they give them preference – I don’t think I got a real chance. They said they want to start the project with young players, and then 35, 36-year-olds returned. I didn’t understand this. “I wanted to leave, and I think I made a good move. I always worked hard to be fit for my next station and not lose my head.”