Marco Rose’s team is very different this season. Borussia was qualified in the group of Champions League with Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Shakhtar. At the same time, Rose’s team is in seventh position in the Bundesliga.

Head coach of the team is a bit satisfied

Journalists asked him about the season’s success so far. Rose noted that Champions League performance is a big success for a team like Borussia. Yes, they had a chance to win the group but it’s already in the past. They are now qualified for next round of Champions League and waiting for the opponent. At the same time, Rose said that more points in Bundesliga would be perfect. The head coach added that in some cases, Borussia gifted important points to the opponents and they are self-aware of those mistakes. 

Year and a half as the coach of Borussia

Marco Rose said that many things changed after signing with Monchengladbach. He said that the coaching staff took good things from previous coaches and also added their ideas to improve performance in both, CL and Bundesliga. Rose noted that 7-8 weeks playing two matches a week were tough for clubs like Borussia. He said that players are under pressure as fans want to go far in the Champions League too. Also, playing without fans was not ideal for the player’s motivation. Facing Bayern won’t be easy but Marco is not afraid as he believes in his players. Coach said that Bayern won the game against Mainz because they caught the flow. The first half was amazing for Mainz but unfortunately to Mainz’s management, Bayern caught the flow in the second half. Rose noted that Borussia’s players need to have a really good playing day to succeed against Bayern Munich.