Tottenham’s coach, Jose Mourinho is preparing for the Premier League clash at Aston Villa on Wednesday despite coronavirus outbreak among Dean Smith’s squad.

The Premier League clash between Tottenham and Aston Villa is understood to be in doubt. This is after a mass outbreak of coronavirus at the Midlands club with 10 first-team players struck down with the virus.

According to Mourinho, he prepares and hopes the match will go as planned. He said it would be “completely impossible” for another one of Spurs’ League games to be canceled. He also added that teams should be ready to play with the minimum 14 players.

Hence, it’s understood that Spurs are yet to hear anything from the Premier League regarding the fixture. So, on Monday, Mourinho will begin his preparations.

The coach might be making more of a point about the lack of information from the league but asked after Sunday’s 5-0 win at Marine when he expects his side to next play, Mourinho said, “Wednesday”.

When again asked whether he thinks the Villa game will go ahead, he replied, “yeah. Nobody told me that I’m not going to play. So, on Monday morning we start to prepare for that game and the same Tuesday. Unless somebody tells us different”.