The central match of the tour will be hosted by “Stamford Bridge”. Today, Tottenham Hotspur will visit Chelsea.

The central match of the 10th round of the English Premier League will be hosted by “Stamford Bridge”. Chelsea will meet Tottenham in the London derby.

Regarding the match, Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho hosted questions from reporters and noted that his team is not afraid of anyone.

“It would be nice if you asked Frank about it if they are afraid of us. I do not think that at such a level, fear is an appropriate word. We are not afraid of anyone.

I appreciate the potential of the opponent, and hopefully, they will appreciate us properly as well. To be honest, I doubt they thought they were playing a simple opponent.

It would be nice if they thought so, but I do not believe it. Lampard is a man with a lot of experience in football. “I think they know we are a tough opponent who can win,” the Portuguese was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

As of now, Chelsea already have a 10-match unbeaten streak in every tournament. Most recently, Frank Lampard’s team lost to the Spurs in a series of penalties in the FA Cup. And, Tottenham face today’s controversy with a 5-match winning streak.

In the current Premier League standings, Mourinho’s team is in second place with 20 points, two points ahead of third-placed Chelsea.