Borussia Dortmund have given the Dortmund stadium to fight against Coronavirus. The north tribune has been rebuilt, and patients will be accommodated there.

As you know, at Dortmund’s excellent Westphalia Stadium, dubbed the ‘Signal Iduna Park’ after a commercial deal, football is no longer played. No one even knows when the teams will be able to play football again. Although the stadium could be used in times of crisis:

The Borussia Dortmund Arena will serve people’s health from now on. Now it’s much more important than football.

Today, BVB officially confirmed that they would transform the stadium  into a center for the fight against Coronavirus. “From Saturday, the northern tribune of ‘Signal Iduna Park’ will be ready to serve patients who may have Coronavirus.

Borussia has already relocated this part of the stadium under the agreement with the doctors” –  Dortmund said in their statement.


‘This is an ideal place to help people who have symptoms of coronavirus actively.’


“Our stadium is a business card of the city and each of its residents. Given the equipment, infrastructure, and space, this is an ideal place to help people who have symptoms of Coronavirus actively. Actually we all have a duty to do our best to help everyone, ”said Hans-Joachim Watzke, Borussia’s general manager.

Recall that 86,667 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in Germany. One thousand one hundred twenty-nine died. And 24,575 recovered. The amount of cases of coronavirus infection worldwide has already exceeded one million. Fifty-five thousand one hundred seventy were killed. Fortunately, 222,240 recovered.