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Leo Messi

Mauricio Pochettino would have welcomed the opportunity to work with Messi at Newell’s Old Boys

Leo Messi is expected to remain on the Argentine national team until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Pochettino says the event remains “a huge goal for Messi and the Argentine team.” Pochettino’s path Mauricio Pochettino would have welcomed the opportunity to work with Lionel Messi at Newell’s Old Boys, both men at some point

19 Mar 2020


FIFA Council Presidium announced that amendments to its transfer regulations would be considered

FIFA Rules for the Status and Transfer of Players to protect contracts for both players and clubs. And adjusting the terms for registering players. FIFA’s operating group FIFA has set up an operating group to study the potential impact of the coronavirus pandemic on player transfers. So there is a real possibility that contracts may

19 Mar 2020

UERO 2020

Euro 2020 has been postponed until June 11, 2021

UEFA has postponed Euro 2020 until the summer of 2021. This will allow the Premier League and other leagues across Europe complete their competitions, if possible. Euro 2020 has been posponed Euro 2020 must be repelled for 12 months to become Euro 2021 as part of the UEFA proposals to combat planning problems caused by

17 Mar 2020


“We don’t want corrupted and dictator FIFA anymore” – admits Mino Raiola

Super-Agent Mino Raiola wants to stop FIFA and says that he will fight against the dictatorship of this system. FIFA is “ridiculous” Mino Raiola, the Super-agent called FIFA and their actions “ridiculous” as the president of the Football Agents Forum, launched an attack on the governing body of football on Monday. Speaking from Switzerland, the

10 Mar 2020


Jamie Vardy wants to return on EURO 2020

Jamie Vardy who retired from England national team in August 2018, speaks about returning for EURO 2020. The door still would be open for me English striker Jamie Vardy does not rule out the prospect of returning to England for Euro 2020 following the injuries suffered by Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford. Leicester forward Jamie

10 Mar 2020

Eden Hazard

Roberto Martinez announces that Hazard will miss this season

Eden Hazard will be out for the rest of the season. Belgium coach Roberto Martinez has confirmed that Eden had broken his ankle and needs from three to a four-month for recovery. Eden would return before the end of the season Eden Hazard will be back in time to play for Belgium at Euro 2020,

28 Feb 2020


Three Juve players among FIFA’s highest-rated Eleven of all time

FIFA is one of the most widespread and popular games. It’s interesting how the top-11 of all time looks. It is composed of the highest rated players in specific positions in FIFA history. 11. Goalkeeper: Gianluigi Buffon – Juventus (This is the team in which the player was playing at the moment when the rating was

28 Jan 2020

Head Coach

Luis Enrique – Robert Moreno is not a loyal person

As you may know, Luis Enrique is back in action as head coach of Spain. He left the head coach position in June for a family situation. Barcelona’s ex-coach is back and wants to win Euro 2020. The situation regarding Robert Moreno Luis Enrique left Spain in June. The daughter of Luis had a battle

01 Dec 2019

Euro 2020

Luis Enrique is back as a Spain’s head coach – Welcome back boss

Luis Enrique is back in action – today, he has signed a contract with Spain national team again. For the last six months, the Spanish coach could not keep up with the football world for personal reasons. Spain was playing perfect football under Luis Enrique Luis Enrique became a coach of Spain from 2018. Before

19 Nov 2019

Euro 2020

Euro 2020 – What to expect, when teams can play, etc.

Euro 2020 qualifications are almost over, and 19th November matches will be last from the qualification group stage. What should we expect from Euro 2020? Who is the host of Euro 2020? As you may know, Euro competition has 60 years of history. First, of competition history, the last stage of the tournament will be

19 Nov 2019


Italy demolished Armenia in 10 goals thriller

What happened to Armenia, do they even know how to play in defense? Italy scored nine goals in 81 goals, and they have not yet attacked for the last ten minutes. Pre-match preparations Armenian players had a perfect tournament on Euro 2020 qualifications. Group was full of good teams, but Armenia could take 10 points

19 Nov 2019


Lionel Messi Helps Argentina against Brazil in Super Clasico

No one could stop Lionel Messi in Saudi Arabia. As you may know, Brazil and Argentina met in friendly international and Saudi Arabia paid to host Super Clasico. Pre-match preparations Lionel Messi was back in action after a four match-ban. As you know, Lionel Messi got a red card in the last match in Copa

16 Nov 2019


Spain dominates Malta in home match for Euro 2020

The incredible match against Malta from Spain’s national team. Sergio Ramos and other players dominated Malta and decided to make it rain with goals. 1st half of the game The first half was very interesting, and we saw only two goals. Spain’s coach Moreno decided to start with a new line-up. Spain began with three

16 Nov 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is unstoppable – Portugal scores six

Cristiano Ronaldo was substituted in Juventus for two times last week. Portuguese players could not stand criticism and decided to answer haters against Lithuania. Pre-match preparations Portugal still has not to spot in Euro 2020. Cristiano’s team could win the National League and got the trophy, but it does give the team a place in

16 Nov 2019

lionel messi

Lionel Messi: I would not swap any trophy for World Cup

Lionel Messi said exciting things with the journalists on Friday. Argentinian player is entirely satisfied with his achievements, and he would not swap any of those trophies for the World Cup. It’s not correct to swap any trophy for World Cup Lionel Messi admitted that the World Cup is always on his mind. The player

26 Oct 2019


Rodrigo’s late goal sends Spain to Euro 2020

On 92nd minute, Rodrigo scored the goal and sent Spain to Euro 2020. The late goal was crucial for coach Moreno as it will be the first Euro tournament for him. Pre-match activities Spanish players met with a journalist before the Match. Coach Moreno talked about the VAR systems and how it will help the

16 Oct 2019

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