‘Nobody in Barcelona understood that the team needed a generational change.’ The sudden announcement of Barca’s presidential candidate, Jordi Farre may increase his chances.

Barcelona presidential candidate Jordi Farre intends to invite Jürgen Klopp as head coach if he is elected. As the Spaniard mentioned in an interview with Sport, Barça need Klopp and has already talked to the German. Farre also welcomed the appointment of Ronald Koeman but also said that the process of generational change at the club had been forgotten.

“If Koeman does a good job, of course, he will be our coach. This is a special occasion, and his appointment is the right solution given that we are talking about a Barcelona legend, a symbol. I think the club needed someone like that now. I wish him good luck in the face of a very difficult challenge.

Many things have not been done right in Barcelona in recent years. No one understood that the team needed a generational change. On the contrary, the lineup was updated without logical sporting criteria. “We also have a plan. We have already talked to Jürgen Klopp because we think Barcelona need such a coach.”

Recall that Ronald Koeman was appointed head coach of Barcelona for a term of 2 years. The presidential election in the Catalan club will be held on March 15, 2021. Jordi Farre also fought for the presidency in 2015 but failed to win.