Ronaldinho has been associated with a magical play on the pitch, and beyond, with not-so-subtle behavior. Fans know that he has spent a great deal of money that he earned on football, not smart enough, and just a few months ago, he even turned bankrupt.

This is strange considering that Gaucho is very active even after the end of his football career and actively participates in advertising campaigns in Brazil. And that means extra income.

Beyond the pitch, besides his character, his older brother and agent, Roberto also played a significant role in Ronaldinho’s failures. Roberto has a significant impact on “Gaucho,” and in fact, he manages his career and his business. We have already seen what came out of it.

From the start of Ronaldinho’s career, Roberto has enjoyed with his full trust, including in financial matters. Roberto has invested his brother’s money in several disastrous business projects. In 2012, Roberto also received a five-year suspended sentence for financial fraud. In particular, the court ruled that he had been hiding his brother’s income since 2003. But, of course, Ronaldinho had to pay the penalty.


How Roberto’s disastrous ideas affected Ronaldinho’s life


Roberto’s idea was also to open a football academy in Porto Alegre. For this, he illegally deforested forest near the city, which also resulted in a large fine. After not paying the fine, Ronaldinho’s property was siply seized – including 52 units of real estate.

Roberto’s idea was to build a fishing plant near Lake Guayaba, a protected area. This idea was followed by another fine – $ 200,000. The brothers refused to pay the fine, and it increased to a million and a half. It was after this incident that Gaucho and his brother’s passports were confiscated.

In Paraguay too, Ronaldinho traveled with his brother. There is no visa regime between these countries, and the brothers could only travel by ID card. However, they apparently did not know this and are now in jail for forging documents. Along with them are arrested Delia Lopez, a Paraguayan businesswoman who invited the brothers to Paraguay. This is who helped them obtain fake passports.