All of the Juventus players is healthy. Earlier, Coronavirus was identified to Dybala, Matuidi, and Rugani.

All Juventus players were tested on COVID-19, and fortunately, all the players were healthy. So, the Turinese players will be able to train calmly.

The Turinese have been training in groups for several days. Team training will also start in Juventus in the coming days.

Earlier in the day, Coronavirus was diagnosed with Paulo Dybala, Blaise Matuidi, and Daniele Rugani in Juventus.

Most of the Serie A clubs have supported the continuation of the current season. As already mentioned, the virus has been confirmed by six members of Fiorentina, three of whom are players, and one of them was Martin Caceres. Two Parma players were also found to be infected.

A few days ago, Torino fans protested the idea of starting Serie A. They displayed banners with various inscriptions near the stadium. “The real virus is you who want to update the games,” “Thousands of people die in different cities, and you’re thinking of continuing the Serie A.”

According to reports, the final decision on the renewal of the current season of Serie A will be announced on May 28.


Neither did the Milan players find to have Coronavirus


According to FOOTBALL-ITALIA, all the players of “Rossoneri” were tested on COVID-19, and fortunately, all the players were healthy. This means that black and red people will be able to exercise calmly.

As you know, according to the protocol, athletes are tested twice. Accordingly, the players will be rechecked tomorrow. After all, players at the disposal of Stefano Pioli will conduct training sessions without loss.

Two months ago, Coronavirus was diagnosed with Paolo Maldini and his son, Daniel. But both of them completed the treatment, and they recovered.