News that’ll come as a disappointment to quite a lot people to be quite honest, who really wanted Vince McMahon to buy New Castle United. But it looks like someone who is not the owner of the WWE has made a bid for the Magpies.

The WWE CEO who was rumored to be interested in buying the St. James Park only a couple years ago. But now it’d seem that financier Amanda Staveley is the one who is going to be taking over the club has made an offer of £300 million bid.

Amanda Staveley’s PCP Capital Partners have the bid during the weekend as reported by Sky Sports, though there hasn’t been any information on if the bid was accepted or if there is anyone else rival or match her bid.

Her bid was a mix of her own money and equity with some help from her Middle Eastern investors, remembering that she was the one who had helped Sheikh Mansour in 2008 for £218 million.

The current owner of New Castle United Mike Ashley wants to hand over the club to a new owner before Christmas. Having listed the club for sale last month has endured a tough relation with the fans since had taken over in 2008 for £240 million.

Amanda Stavely to take over New Castle United

According to the Speculations if Amanda Staveley does take over New Castle United she is going to hand most the cash in the hands of manager Rafa Benitez to bring in more players in the January transfer window and to further strengthen the squad.