Many did not like the new set of Manchester City uniforms. Liam Gallagher also criticized the new third kit design along with others.

A new set of Manchester City-style uniforms that the team is set to use next season has already become the object of fan criticism and ridicule on the social network. The dissatisfaction of the fans was caused by the design of the new third kit, which was unofficially published.

“Whoever is responsible for designing the new set of Manchester City should be sent to Wuhan on the first flight. Those who buy this form should be sent on the next flight,” wrote Liam Gallagher, a well-known Manchester City fan. The British musician, who made a name for himself by performing in the band Oasis, later deleted the post.

Recall that the Coronavirus pandemic first broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last year.

As for the new form of Manchester City, its first set should be sky blue, the second – dark blue, and the third – with bright tones and heterogeneous figures. The third set of forms caused the dispute. Most likely, the new Manchester City uniforms will be officially presented later in July or August.

After 28 matches before the break in the English Premier League, Josep Guardiola’s team has 57 points and is 25 points behind the leader of the tournament table Liverpool. Manchester City will resume the season on June 17 with a home game against London’s Arsenal.