The start of a new tournament – the European Premier League – is planned for 2022. In a league where 16-18 teams will play, the prize money will be a record. Liverpool and Manchester United are actively involved in the process.

A new major football club tournament may soon emerge in Europe. According to Sky Sports, more than ten clubs from England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France, including Liverpool and Manchester United, are currently negotiating the creation of a tournament called the “European Premier League”.

The organizers want to create a tournament with the support of FIFA, already by 2022 and predict that 16-18 teams will take part in it. Matches must be played during the European regular season.

In addition to Liverpool and Manchester United, who are most actively involved in the work process, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham have also been named as contenders for the league.

Work is currently underway to find investors. As it turns out, $ 6 billion is needed to start the new league. So, the funds may be raised by the bank JP Morgan.

Each potential participant in the European Premier League is guaranteed to pay more than $ 100 million. If the idea of the organizers is implemented, the tournament will be the richest in the world, at club level.

The presentation of the project may take place at the end of this month.