Neymar’s departure from PSG is gradually becoming more real. The Brazilian also wants to return to Barcelona and is actively preparing for that.

A few weeks ago, foreign media reported that PSG leaders had decided to launch a clause in Neymar’s contract during the summer transfer window, which stipulates that three years after the transfer of the player to the Parisian club, those wishing to acquire him will be able to buy the player in exchange for 150 million.

Three years will pass in the summer of 2020. So, this is the best chance for Barcelona to bring back the former player. It is not ruled out that the Catalan side will include Antoine Griezmann in this transfer. Griezmann was acquired from Atletico last year. Although the Frenchman deserves a lot of criticism during his debut season.


PSG fans called for Neymar to leave


As you may know, the Brazilian star also tried to return to the Catalan Grand last summer. Negotiations between the clubs had begun, but then no agreement was reached.

Because of all this, Neymar had to endure a lot of insults from the PSG fans at the start of the current season. Parisian fans called the Brazilian a traitor and called for him to leave. They often brought banners to the stadium, stating that they did not need a player on the team who was thinking about another club.

Given the current situation, foreign media representatives suggest that Barcelona will not pay the full 150 million for the return of Neymar. They will probably include one of the players in this transfer, and most likely, it will be Antoine Griezmann.