Neymar has experienced this from tough defenders throughout his career, but in France the problem has been exacerbated.



Someone does not follow the Brazilian’s fast movements with the ball and someone decides to teach him a lesson for another mocking trick. Sometimes the rudeness of the defenders causes injuries to the Paris Saint-Germain striker.

In the recent match of the 1/32 final of the French Cup, PSG defeated Cain (1: 0). The victory was overshadowed by another incident involving Neymar. At the beginning of the second half, the defender roughly executed the Brazilian and he had to be replaced. After that, he was diagnosed with adductor muscle injury.

 Scandal – “I will not cry, I will leave it to Neymar”.

After the match, “Cain” head coach Pascal Duprat sarcastically responded to his team’s defeat: “I will not cry, I will leave it to Neymar.”

So the specialist jumped on the troll wave that had followed the Brazilian for many years. True, this is usually done by fans. Neymar does not like morality and emotionality. He sometimes overdoes it with acting, but in fairness, he catches a lot on his feet and knows what pain is.

For example, in the club shop “Marseille”, Neymar’s shirt was placed on the floor at the entrance to PSG, the main competitor. The fans gladly cleaned his feet.

Shortly afterwards, Duprat added: “Neymar is a great player and everyone knows that. He has great dribbling, he is smart, he plays provocatively, he has pride. Yesterday our player took the ball from him twice, but that did not save him from two free kicks. He could have cried, but the judge did not care.

It is beneficial for Neymar to behave in this way, so it is logical and normal, given the patience of the judges. He dribbles his opponents and he has to understand that there are men in front of him and that football is a contact sport. When a player is provoked, he responds. I want to mention that our players behaved as correctly as possible. “