Neymer has been in perfect form in the last few months. Brazilian player is showing that he has a legendary story and he will try to outplay not only Ronaldo but Pele. 


Brazil won the first match of the tournament. Being in the first position, Brazilian players were in need of a second win. Two wins in a row was the main goal for Brazil’s coach. That’s why Tite decided to start a match with a perfect line-up. Tite started the match with Neymar, Richarlison and Firmino. These three players were main parts of the attacking fuel. Neymar was special during the game as he changed the outcome.

First half of the match

Match started with a very sharp attack of Peru. Team could score two goals in the first five minutes. Fortunately to the local fans, Peru could convert shots into the goals. Peru opened the score in the fifth minute. After 20 minutes, Neymar dribbled through two defenders and one played badly. Referee pointed to the penalty spot and Brazil got the right to kick the penalty. Neymar took the ball and scored the goal. He tied the game and decided to go for more goals.

Second half of the match

Peru started the second half with sharp attacks. Again, Peru took the lead after scoring the second goal in the 59th minute. Brazillian players were not happy with results, so they took the counter-attacks option on another level. In just five minutes after Peru’s goal, Firmino gave an assist to Richarlison. Everton’s striker scored an easy goal. Brazil wanted to take three points, so Brazil attacked more and got right for another penalty. Neymar took the ball in hands and decided to score a double. He was right because it was an easy goal for him. Neymar could score his hat-trick in the last minute of the match. Naymer passed legendary Ronaldo in all-time Brazil’s goalscorers list and now he is second. Pele has 77 goals while Neymar is at 64. It would be magnificent for him to outplay Pele too.