Juninho Pernambucano criticized Neymar. Lyon’s sporting director says his compatriot only thinks about money.

Former Lyon player and current sporting director of the club, Juninho Pernambucano, has sharply criticized Neymar. According to Juninho, his compatriot  is only for money in Paris Saint-Germain:

‘In Brazil, greed is in the blood of people. We have been interested in money since childhood. Go where you will be paid more. Yes, that’s what they teach in Brazil.’

Look at Neymar, who moved to Paris Saint-Germain just for the money. The Parisians gave him everything he wanted. Now he is trying to leave the club before the contract expires. So, now he has to take responsibility for himself and lead the team.

If we separate the personal Neymar from the player, then we can boldly say that along with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, he is among the world’s three best players. Neymar, as a person, must definitely grow up.

Recall that Neymar has finally reached an agreement with the leaders of the French club. The case is that the representatives of “Park de France” gave the South American permission to leave.

According to the available information, the residents of League 1 ask for 170 million Euros in exchange for Neymar. Barcelona are again involved in the case, and also, it is not ruled out that Antoine Griezmann and Philippe Coutinho will be included in the transfer.