Brazilian forward, Neymar just dropped a very big hint for next season. Neymar wants to play along with Lionel Messi and what can happen next season? Everything.

Neymar’s comment on reuniting with Lionel Messi

PSGs number seven wants to play with Lionel Messi. He was a teammate of Messi in Barcelona. By that time, Messi and Neymar won many trophies including Champions League, Super Cup, La Liga and other titles. Fans were enjoying the duo and they will want to see it again.

Neymar said that he wants to play with Messi. Enjoying football with Messi is very different for Neymar. Brazilian said that they were understanding each other on another level. They had perfect combinations and skills to allocate. Neymar admitted that Messi can play at any position. Lionel won’t have any problems while playing in the position of Neymar as a winger. 

The captain of PSG wants to join Lionel Messi and play together. Brazilian striker added that it can happen next season. It was a big hint for the football fans. Can Neymar return to Barcelona? Maybe Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona and Neymar just admitted that? There are many questions.

Barcelona wants to extend Barcelona’s contract

Lionel Messi wanted to leave Barcelona this summer. By the end of the previous season, Messi publicly admitted that his main goal was leaving Barcelona. The city for Messi is very kind and good place to live. Unfortunately, Messi said that he could not keep up with the management anymore. Then Luis Suarez left Barcelona and Messi was very furious about it. It was visible by Messi’s comments on Suarez’s Instagram post. Currently, Messi is scoring for Barcelona but there is a big gap between the captain and management.